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Australia Bushfires – How You Can Help

How To Help - Support the services, victims and wildlife of Australia’s worst bushfires

How To Help

Support the services, victims and wildlife of Australia’s worst bushfires

How to Help Combat the worst bushfires in Australia history

Bushfires have been devastating Australia for months. Towns, rural communities and wildlife have been destroyed on a massive scale.

I feel helpless, watching a place with people and wildlife so close to my heart, burn away. I reached out to partners, colleagues, family and friends in Australia for their guidance – asking what can we do about Australia bushfires. Below, I have put together a starting list of ways individuals outside of Australia can support Australia. We are all one people.

Please copy and share any bits of this content that you feel strongly towards and push them out to help our brothers and sisters in Australia.

This list will continue to grow. To recommend additional links and organizations you know are offering support, or to challenge any already listed, please email

Please also read how traveling to Australia this year supports recovery efforts.

Help Australia Wildlife affected by the Bushfires in Australia

Bangalow Koalas

Speaking with Janine Duffy of the Koala Clancy foundation, a champion for koala and wildlife conservation, she advised that in order to save koalas from the bushfires in Australia, they must have a habitat to relocate to. These fires are ravishing habitats of countless wildlife. We must begin to rebuild.

So, how we do help rebuild their habitats? Bangalow Koalas is an organization has been a champion in Koala conservation since 2016. Bangalow Koalas long-term goal it to create a Koala wildlife corridor, forming a linkage of habitat from Byron Bay/Bangalow heading westwards towards Tenterfield and south towards Grafton, allowing koalas to move safely across the local landscape. Read more on how to support Bangalow Koalas here.

Visit Bangalow Koalas and Donate to Koala Recovery and Habitat Rehabilitation

WIRES – NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc

WIRES has been rescuing and caring for native animals for over 30 years. They have over 2500 volunteers in 28 branches involved in the rescue and care of wildlife and have a dedicated Rescue Office that operates 365 days a year assisting the community to help native animals in distress. WIRES helps tens of thousands of animals every year, receiving up to 95,000 requests for rescue advice and assistance every 12 months.

Visit WIRES and Donate to the rehabilitation and preservation of Australian wildlife.  You can also donate through this Facebook WIRES-Emergency Find for Wildlife donation platform.

Animal Welfare League

Animal Welfare League NSW (AWL NSW) is a registered charity that has been operating for over 60 years. They provide expert care to surrendered, neglected and abandoned companion animals across New South Wales. Animal Welfare League’s Inspectors have been assisting in towns affected by bushfires on the mid-north coast of NSW.

Donate to their Australian bushfire appeal.

Support the Front-Line Services Fighting for the Australian Environment

These brave front line responders put their lives on the line to protect their neighbors and their environment. Many volunteers, they have chosen to charge into apocalyptic environments to protect others.

NSW Rural Fire Service in New South Wales

The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is the lead combat agency for bush fires in NSW. For over 100 years we have been a significant part of the history and landscape of NSW. Working closely with other agencies we respond to a range of emergencies including structure fires, motor vehicle accidents and storms that occur within rural fire districts.

Learn more about the NSW Rural Fire Services and how you can support. You can also donate through this established Facebook fundraiser.

Country Fire Authority in Victoria

CFA (Country Fire Authority) is a volunteer and community-based fire and emergency services organization. They help protect 3.3 million Victorians, and more than one million homes and properties across the state.

Learn more about the CFA – Country Fire Authority and how you can support their battle against the recent bushfires in Australia

CFS Foundation in South Australia

The CFS provides immediate financial assistance and care to CFS volunteer fire-fighters and their families to offset suffering and distress caused in the line of active duty.

Find out how you can help and support the CFS during the Australian Bushfires.

Help Australian Families affected by the Australia Bushfires


Foodbank is Australia’s largest food relief organisation, operating on a scale that makes it crucial to the work of the front line charities that are feeding vulnerable Australians. Foodbank provides 77 million meals a year (210,000 meals a day) to more than 2,600 charities around the country, accounting for 79% of all food received by charities from food rescue organisations.

Donate to Foodbank NSW and ACT.

St Vincent de Paul Society

Vinnies is on the ground helping people as they deal with the immediate aftermath of fires, and we will continue to be there as they rebuild their lives in the long term.

Read about Vinnies work providing essentials to families in dire need.

Protect and Conserve the Australian Environment

South Australia Disaster Relief

The Marshall Liberal Government has established a new emergency relief fund to help people directly affected by the devastating Cudlee Creek bushfire – pledging $1 million to kick-start the donation drive.

State Emergency Services of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia

Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund

The Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund (GERF) is a registered charity that was established in 1978 to provide immediate short-term funds to Gippslanders affected by natural disaster events. It is completely funded by donations from businesses, community groups and individuals. Run by volunteers, all donations are returned to the community.

Get Involved to Fight Climate Change

These bushfires in Australia are unprecedented. Climate events like these are happening consistently throughout these past years and increasing in severity. Our environment is a living organism that must be respected. We are all on this planet together. Let’s work together to build a better future.

In the United States, contact your elected officials and make your voices heard. More noise is needed to bring about swifter change. You can find your elected officials here.

Australians can use this link to Contact Senators and Members and make your voices heard.


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